• A Berserker is a warrior who has two massive shields with lots of spikes on them which are put on both its arms. He also holds a 2h sword in both his hands.
  • An Assassin is a warrior who is very sneaky and will stay to the shadows if possible. They also prefer to attack from high places and from the undergrowth.
  • A Warlord is someone who uses animals to attack for him. He will also use the animals for other purposes such as to work or to guard his valuables.
  • A Mage is a warrior who will use the energy around him to create forces stronger than the average human. A Mage will also use the elements around him to do his bidding.
  • A Warrior is someone who will use strong, heavy 2 handed weapons to fight. He will not use any form of shield to protect himself but only his wit.
  • A Paladin is someone who will use a sword or a bow to attack. It will sometimes use a shield but still rarely. Normally a paladin will fight for the good but unfortunately some fight for evil.
  • An Archer is someone who will never go close up to someone else but they will attack from a distance with their bow and arrow or their nives/daggers. They will if they have to use their arrows to attack from a close range.